Sometimes,someone comes into our life,so unexpectedly. Isn’t it? 

             On 2016 February 8,I received a friend request from my old classmate. I was sitting on my front porch. It was 5 pm I checked my phone. That time I saw a friend request notification on my phone. “Anup Disilva”. I smiled when I saw his name. “Anup Disilva”. Yes,I know him. He was my classmate. I accepted that request.

              That time I think about him. During our school days Anup and I never spoke a word to each other. His surname is pretty rare. I always remember his name. He was a silent boy (hm… 😂).

                After sometime I received a message from him.

                He:hi, how are u? Do you remember me?                                                                       I:yes,I do 😊. I’M good. U                               He:I’m good.                                                             I:what are you doing?                    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….etc…

                 Then we talking to each other since February 8 last year. We know each other since 2007. But,we know each other deeply since last year. We instantly became best friends. I used to talk to him like he is the only one around (hahaha). We talking to each other about all the things that had happened,and daily events and activities,movies and televisions,families and relatives,and about friends,and all all things. He listen when I have a problem. I instantly smile when I see a text from him,I don’t even care what’s in it… smile when I see a call from him,missed call from him. Stupid girl 😛.

                   January. His birthday month. One month before I started preparing for happy birthday month. I was confused about what to gift to my friend on her birthday. There are lots of things. But I was confused. Finally,I decided. For his birthday,I create a 5 minute video for him. I asked him to send me photos of his. But that idiot 🙆. He didn’t give me anything. 😢. I’ve already some pictures of him. But,I checked his facebook account. And downloaded his pictures. 😃😃😃. It took me about some days to put it together. It was a fun for me and a meaningful and personalized gift for my special friend. And I painted a happy Birthday card for him.

                     On his birthday I called him,and I wished him,and I gifted these cutest gifts. 

                      He is an idiot,charming,lovely,beautiful,(at the same time hm… rough and tough) 😜.

                      He will go Canada to study soon. Anu,I wish you all the happiness in the world. Love you… 😘


21 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Thansi …I don’t have enough words to say about your kind words.thank you so much and also best wishes to you too. Keep in touch.enjoy thr life 😊

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  2. Woah! That’s so nice to know such bonds. That’s absolutely true when life gives us such gift, all we do is adore them. 🙂

    Your friendship looks more than friendship. 😅😋😊

    But I’m happy to read it, Thansi. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes sumit.I’m the best 😉.I hope you are doing well 😊.actually,recently I have talked to my friends about your writing.sumit,you are amazing.your writing is amazing yaar 😍.you have a bright future ahead of you.I wish you all the very best dear. 😊

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