They both

Her eyes speaking everything,

His eyes too…

But there is a silence between them.

They suppress in the same agony

They both so out of breath…

They remained alone.

After some sorrowful moments,

They say goodbye to each other with a wounded heart…

They both walked away to different directions…

Without looking back…!!!

-Thasni Muhammadali




Is it pain?

I cannot recognize it.

It flows through my head,

Through my heart,

Through my veins,

Through my body.

What is it?

It brings me back to my past


Looking back through some pages,

I understood

I not complete some pages.

It is good that some stories do not last,

Some unfinished stories are beautiful.


The unfinished stories are flowing on this earth,

It’s like a soul that does not enjoy peaces,

Give me peace,they are crying…


I’m completely lost in another world,

When you looked into my eyes

My heart beat fasted,

When you stood next to me

My body was on fire,

When you touched my cheek

The soft touch from you,

Give me butterflies deep inside me

The exhausted feeling,

That make me feel alive

Feel alive…!!!


മഴക്കാലം പോലെ-

എന്നരികില് വന്നു നീ

മഴയായ് പെയ്യ്തു-

എന് മനം കവറ്ന്നു നീ

മഴയായ് പെയ്യ്തു-

കോരി പുണറ്ന്നു നീ

മഴയായ് പെയ്യ്തു-

കുളിരണിയിച്ചു നീ

മഴയായ് പെയ്യ്തു-

തീരാ ദു:ഖമായി കടന്നു പോയി നീ!